Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Contract From Missouri

The Contract from Missouri

The following document was drafted with the approval of several Tea Party/Patriot groups in Missouri. It affirms the principles of our government and the rights of each citizen under it. It also asks our elected Federal and State officials to commit themselves to specific actions in office that will secure our liberties and assure constitutional limits on our government. They may endorse in whole or to specific commitments.


Each citizen of Missouri is endowed with the unalienable and God given right to his own life. He has the right to live his life according to the dictates of his conscience, respecting that same right of his neighbor.
He furthermore has the absolute right to the fruits of his labor-his property belongs to him alone. The people may, therefore, be taxed only with their consent for the constitutionally limited functions of government.
All power resides in the people of Missouri and is granted to the government for the protection of their liberty.
The state of Missouri is sovereign and all powers not strictly Federal in nature and not specifically enumerated in the U.S. Constitution reside with the state and with the people.
To spend only those funds it has is a prime responsibility of Government. To accrue debt to future generations is immoral, sentences our descendants to servitude and destroys their freedom and ability to prosper.


1. I vow to protect the sovereignty of the state of Missouri by vigorously opposing federal legislation or regulation that dictates to our state on issues of health care, education, energy production and usage, banking, commerce, manufacturing or any other area not wholly federal in nature and not specifically enumerated as a federal power in the U.S. Constitution. I will seek to stand with other states to defend this sovereignty. I will apply the original intent of the commerce clause when considering legislation affecting Missouri.

2. I vow to oppose, by all legal means, the appointment of any justice that has not demonstrated, in judicial philosophy and rulings, a commitment to the original intent of the U.S. Constitution and a record of applying the law as written. I will vigorously oppose any judicial nominee who has ruled in a way that creates law from the bench or uses international law as precedent. Such actions usurp the power to make law from the legislative branch, undermine the U.S. Constitution and thereby negate the will of the people through their elected officials.

3. I vow to work for a balanced budget amendment and begin the process of paying off the national debt. I further vow to vote against any legislation that adds to the deficit (is not paid for) - the single exception being wartime spending after a congressional declaration of war. I will initiate action that will cut the Federal budget in the first two years of my term to 2000 levels - that budget to include all spending (entitlements, defense, etc.). These budget cuts will include cutting congressional pay and particularly benefits and retirement.

4. I vow to scrap the current tax code and replace it with a simple single rate tax system such as the FairTax. The current tax system infringes on the privacy of the people and is a tool of federal manipulation. The selective enforcement of an incomprehensible tax code is unequal justice under the law.

5. I vow to build the southern border fence as authorized and to take all other steps necessary to stop illegal border crossings - the protection of our borders being a prime responsibility of the federal government. I further vow to vigorously enforce existing immigration law and oppose any legislation that gives amnesty of any sort to those who have broken our immigration laws. Unknown foreign persons in our nation are a danger to the Republic.

6. I vow to promote, through constitutional amendment, a limit on U. S.Senators and U.S. Representatives to no more than 12 years in one office. I vow to personally serve no more than 12 years in one office. Public office is intended to be a temporary post of public service, filled by citizens, and not a career that enriches and empowers the office holder.

7. I vow that I will apply laws equally to the legislature and the American people, whether that legislation relates to social security, health care or any other issue. I will oppose special treatment for legislators and public officials that is not granted to the people.

8. I vow to support legislation that requires bills to be on a single subject for a single purpose. I will also support complex bills being broken down to single specific proposals. Adding unrelated items to bills and making them so complex that no one understands or reads them is an attempt to hide what is being passed. This practice prevents transparency and open debate on important issues. Bills that are not understandable can also be selectively applied. This constitutes unequal justice and gives regulators the power to make law by how they choose to apply it.

9. I vow to support legislation that requires any regulation having the effect of law, from any agency (E.P.A., H.H.S., I.C.E. etc.), to be first approved by both houses of congress before they are implemented – the creation of law by unelected regulators being unconstitutional.

10. I vow to defend the sovereignty of the United States and its Constitution and law as supreme over all foreign governing bodies.

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