Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama Care Reform or Submission? Talk at state capitol,

We've all heard plenty about the twenty five hundred page health care bill passed last year in Washington.
We know those who voted for it never read it or cared what was in it.
We know it empowers Federal bureaucrats to interpret and apply hundreds of mandates as they see fit.
Rather than cataloging all the ways it robs consumers, doctors and insurers of their liberty – let me sum up the whole thing for you in four words. “ Now we run everything”.
That's why they didn’t care what was in the bill – they knew it ultimately gave them control over healthcare.
They want to dictate to your doctor which procedures are approved and which are not.
They want to force you to buy the health insurance they approve.
They want to tell your health insurance company what policy’s they will sell, how they will run their business and if they will be allowed to be in business.
But most of all they want to make you dependent on them – once all healthcare is doled out by the government you will never vote them out.
Our founding fathers wisely feared above all things the power of the Federal government. They knew the natural tendency of government was to amass more and more power to itself until total tyranny prevailed.
To keep the Federal Government in check the states granted only strictly limited powers to it. They went on to demand an amendment that asserted that all powers not specifically enumerated as Federal where retained by the states and the people.
So not only will this so called reform destroy our health care it is clearly unconstitutional – it assumes powers for the Federal government that are prohibited to it by our founding documents.
I felt most proud of our state when, on Aug. 2, 2009 we asserted our right to determine our own healthcare.
Prop. C – the health care freedom act, passed overwhelmingly in the Missouri house and senate and was approved by 71% of the voters

The law states that no individual, employer or health care provider can be compelled to participate in a health care system (federally mandated or not).
That you may not be penalized for paying directly health care services.
And that the purchase or sale of private health insurance may not be prohibited.
This was a wonderful confirmation of the natural rights we posses as a free people. However, I can tell you from personal experience ,as a health insurance broker, that prop. C has not slowed the enforcement of health care reform at all.
Implementation is well underway in Missouri and will be completed by 2014.
A few months ago the requirement that insurers accept all minors age 19 and younger was phased in. This forces insurers to accept an individual who waited until they were sick to buy insurance. Kind of like buying home owners insurance while the house is burning down.
The result is no insurance company in the entire state now sells child only policy’s. They want to sell it, people want to buy it but the Federal government has made it impossible. By 2014 this will apply to to all adults and minors.
On January 1 of this year the 80/20 rule was phased in, requiring insurers to run all operations on 20% of income and prove it to Washington.
The result is we have 2 less choices in health care plans. Mercy announced they did not have the resources to comply and were bought out by coventry. Prudential stopped selling health insurance altogether. No new health insurers have entered the market in the last 2 years to my knowledge.
Over 200 Federal waivers to the 80/20 rule have been issued to well connected companies like Mc Donald’s while the rest of us are told to eat cake.
This year a myriad of other mandates on all coverage has raised premiums even higher.
Less choices, less competition and higher prices – all by design.
As the private healthcare industry continues to be killed off, we will end up with 2 or three compliant insurers that might as well be called an arm of the Federal Government.
When a private business is told what they must sell, what they can charge and how to run their business - what can you call it other than socialism?
The last man standing will be the Federal government who makes all the rules,prints money whenever they need it and destroys anyone who stands in their way.
The bulwark of our resistance lies with the states and the people.
The founders foresaw this day and gave us the power to resist Federal tyranny.
The healthcare freedom act we passed is clear – now lets enforce it.
Oklahoma and Arizona passed similar legislation this November. Florida passed it through the house and senate. And Indiana, New Mexico, and Wyoming are considering it.
We must stand immovable with other states against the usurping of our liberty. We must state with a clear voice that we do not recognize their authority in this matter and that healthcare reform is null and void in Missouri.
We have much to be hopeful about-the people are wide awake and will prevail.
Our natural rights as free men are a gift from God and no man may take them.
May the Great State of Missouri always be free and her people shine forth in the light of liberty.

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