Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Tao Of Capitalism

Capitalism is a system that is no system. It is the lack of a system.
It is the way things happen.

An economic system seeks to direct what work people do and where they spend money.
Capitalism allows people to do what they want and spend money on whatever they wish.

There is a perfect symmetry and balance to nature and we and everything we do are part of it. Work flows to where it is needed and money flows to what is in demand. This happens with no plan.

Demand finds the perfect amount of supply, constantly seeking balance; as water perfectly fits the dimensions of a crack. There is no plan that can predict it – no formula that can duplicate it. It is the Tao - the way of things. It is the perfect freedom and balance of nature itself.

If there is a stretch of road 100 miles between two cities and the need of travelers is sufficient; a gas station will be built. The idea will come to someone and they will set out to fill the need. If the service is sufficient the business will grow and money will flow to it. If the service is not sufficient, it will die and another will sprout up to fill the need. This will repeat until the needs of the travelers is met perfectly- when there is enough it will stop.

If within that service station there is a need for drinks or sandwiches or twinkies they will be offered. If one type of sandwich is not good to people, it will no longer be offered and more of the varieties they like will be.

Supply and demand – creation and void in a constant dance finding balance more perfectly than any plan could.

No study was done by the Government to asses the need or decide what should be built. No incentive was offered to build the station and no one was there to stop the building when the supply was enough.

It all just happened. That is the Tao of capitalism.
Trust the universe – it operates beautifully without us.

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