Friday, November 6, 2009

The Other Side of America

I awoke in some long ago day that I can not remember.
Shuffling past row after row of Grey buildings -
all slowly rotting in the same way.
Cold Grey sky – cold Grey streets.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
are one endless day - that is the same day.
People passing by, going nowhere really-
as there is nothing to do – nothing that can be done.
We exist for no reason.
“What we have has been given to us”.
I look in to their faces and see no spark of life -
hollow ghosts, wind whistling through.
They do not speak; there is nothing to talk about -
there is no future but eternal death.
The New York Times said “God is dead”
And so he is - never to return.
“All are equal” is our creed
And always will be.

James Coyne

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