Friday, March 4, 2016

So What's wrong with shared prosperity ?

Folks are talking about "shared prosperity".

And man it sounds great!

First, everyone likes sharing because it is the opposite of being selfish.
Barney ,the purple dinosaur,  said sharing is caring and darn it , he was right.

And wouldn't it be great if we were all prosperous?
Much better than being broke for sure.

But then I started to wonder who's stuff we where going to be sharing and if that guy had anything to say about it.

Sharing is something you do with your own stuff cause you want to.
Someone wants to do something nice for someone else and they just do it.

You don't need any laws or tax codes for that.

But I think this shared prosperity they are talking about is really taking things from one guy and giving it someone else.

Taking Prosperity doesn't sound as nice as sharing prosperity, does it?

What the heck - it was a nice try anyway.

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