Friday, May 20, 2011

The Missouri Health Care Freedom Declaration

Each citizen of Missouri has the unalienable and God given right to his own life. He has the liberty to live that life according to the dictates of his conscience.

Therefore, he has the absolute right to choose the medical care he desires or to choose none at all; as well as the right to buy or sell whatever health insurance or health care product he chooses or to buy none at all.

This is the natural right of a free man to direct his own life.

We, the citizens of Missouri, declare that the federal government has no constitutional or moral authority to mandate how we buy and sell health care; we therefore declare null and void any and all laws attempting to do so. We refuse to comply with powers they have assumed but were never granted by the states.

The United States and Missouri constitution clearly state that that powers not specifically granted to the Federal government by the states are retained by the states and the people.

We further note that this basic human right to health care freedom has been affirmed by the Missouri house and senate and by vote of the people by passing Proposition C -the health care freedom act - on August 2nd. 2010.


Missouri seeks to create an environment where vigorous competition can flourish both in health care products and services and in health insurance.

An abundant supply of doctors, clinics and hospitals as well as new health plan providers is critical to lowering cost, as is the ability of innovators to make a profit in a free market.

It is equally important that consumer have the information on price and quality they need to make wise and cost effective decisions.

As in with any product or service, it is competition in the free market alone that brings down cost, thereby making those products and services more affordable, abundant and accessible for all.

It is also our belief that each individual has personal responsibility for and freedom of choice in his health care.

Those who act responsibly and maintain health insurance coverage on themselves should not be penalized when they loose coverage through no fault of their own; whether that loss of coverage is from divorce, loss of job or becoming an adult. Those who keep themselves insured should have the opportunity to continue that coverage when a life event changes their situation.

These three principals: open competition, free access to information and the ability to maintain continuous coverage guide the policies to follow. 

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